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FES Site 105 Parent & Family Engagement Plan

Foyil Public Schools   


August 6, 2018   Updated


Foyil Elementary Site 105 Plan

Parent and Family Engagement

Title I School wide  

Grades Kdg - 4



Foyil Public Schools believes that the parent and school are a team.  In our Title I program we will strive to include the parent in all aspects of the child’s learning experience.  We want our children that are served in the Title I program to have every opportunity possible to learn not only at school but also at home.

I. Convene an annual meeting:

Parents will be informed of an annual Title I meeting that will present the Title I program and answer any questions that the parent may have.

    * A notice will be sent home with the student as a way of notification of the meeting.  A notice will also be placed on our school website in the Title I section.

    * The meeting will be held on a parent conference night during the first 9 weeks. This will enable the parent to not only meet with the Title I teacher but also the classroom teacher.

    * Parents will sign in and if possible leave phone information and email information as they come to meet and discuss the program with the Title I Teacher.  This will aid the Title I         teacher with future parental contacts.

    * A “What Is Title One ” information sheet will be sent with each child being served in the Title I program.  This is in very easy to read vocabulary and if needed will be transcribed          into the needed language.


II. Flexible number of meetings:

Parent conferences are held throughout the year and dates will be placed on the school website and mar-key.  Notices of conferences from their classroom teacher will also have letters sent home to advise parents of times and dates.  If a parent cannot attend, individual appointments will be made available upon the parent’s request.

III. Involving parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way:

    * Parent survey:

        A parent survey will be sent home at the end of each year to determine the success of the services provided to the child.  A space on the form is made available for the parent         to voice improvements, concerns, or any comments they deem needed on the survey.

    * School-Parent compact or contract:

        All students served will be given a teacher-parent-school contract or compact.  This contract or compact will be signed by the Title I teacher, principal, parent, and student.  It         will be kept filed in the Title I classroom.

    * On going communication with the parent

        This is the most important part of the site Title I program.  Open communication is what our goal is in this site program.  Emails, phone calls, notes and letters, and         appointments will be used as often as possible.  

IV. Provide parents with timely information:

    * Testing:

        Students who are identified as being at risk either by end of the year exit exams, teacher referrals, or parent concerns will be referred to the Title I department for further         evaluation. The Title I teacher will test the students who are at risk in math or reading with an appropriate test.  The Title I teacher will make available and discuss with the         parent and classroom teacher the findings of the test results and offer a plan to assist the student in acquiring the necessary skills to be successful.  Testing will be conducted at         least 2 times a year.  Progress monitoring will be done throughout the year depending upon the subject and grade level.

    * Progress Reports:

        Students found to be at risk will be monitored bi-monthly or monthly depending on their at risk status Reading with a Star Early Literacy or Star Reading test.   Star Math and         Star Reading or Star Literacy will be given throughout the year (a minimum of 2 times).  The results of the testing will be made available to the parent and classroom teacher.

        Parents are encouraged to meet with the Title I teacher and the classroom teachers about the student’s progress on regularly scheduled parent conference days or as often as         needed.  Emails and phone calls will also be utilized and encouraged.  If a parent can’t make regular conference times, other times will be discussed and made available for the         parent.  The Title I staff and school staff will make every attempt to meet the parent’s needs in order to help the child be successful.

    * Availability of the Title I teacher to Parents:

        The Title I teacher will be available to discuss the child’s progress before or after school at scheduled times or during a regularly scheduled planning period.  Other times can be         made available at the discretion of the Title I teacher and the parent.

    * Involvement at home:

        Materials such as flash cards and books will be made available to the students on a check out basis.  Any material that has a value of $50.00 or more will need to be checked         out by the parent and a contract signed to indicate acceptance of responsibility by the parent.

        The Title One teacher will encourage the parent to take part in the child’s learning experience.  Emails or notes are encouraged among classroom teachers, Title I teacher, and         parents. A library, of books, that will help the parent understand how a child learns and other subjects of interest about learning will be made available to the parent on a check         out basis.

    * Conferences:

        The Title I teacher will encourage each parent to take part in regular conference dates and to also keep in contact with the classroom teacher.  

V. Provide Parents an opportunity to submit dissenting views. Parents will be expected to follow the protocol listed below in dealing with dissenting views about the sites Parental     Involvement Policy.

    * Discuss views and concerns with the Title I Director

    * Discuss views and concerns with the site Principal

    * Discuss views and concerns with the district Superintendent

    * Discuss views and concerns with the Title I planning committee