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Esser III Spending Plan




The Purpose of ESSER III funds is to “Prevent, Prepare for, and Respond to” COVID 19. 

Foyil School will use a portion of the funds allocated to our district in the areas listed below to help us prevent the transmission of COVID 19 among our students and staff, to prepare for the return of students, educators, and all staff to a safe, healthy, and academically successful school year whether it be an “on-campus” or “distance learning” experience.  These funds will allow us the ability to respond to this virus with the staff needed, with the technology needed, with safe school protocols and materials needed, Professional student services needed, the social distancing equipment, repairs, remodeling, and transportation vehicles/buses that may be needed, and the ability to respond to many different challenges that we may face in the 2021-2022 school year. 

  1. 20% of ESSER III relief dollars will be used to address learning loss through evidence based interventions such as, but not limited to, Summer School Program, Salaries for summer school educators, cafeteria staff, and Bus drivers, a meal program to serve breakfast and lunch to students attending the summer school program,  technology and instructional materials needed to address learning loss educational needs. 

  1. A portion of these funds will be used for salaries to continue the employment of existing staff in our district plus adding additional certified staff and paraprofessionals to our district.  The additional hires not only enhance the educational experience of our students but also help with social distancing and learning loss due to the pandemic. 

  1. If needed a portion of these funds can be used to buy buses to add additional routes to help with social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus among our students who ride the bus to and from school.   

  1. A portion of these funds will be used to upgrade our communication systems such as:  telephone lines, classroom intercom communications in case of emergencies, school closings due to pandemic, etc. alarm systems, keeping parents notified by “up to date” phones.  Purchasing a new information sign for our campus to better inform and update the community and parents of dates, times, events and such pertaining to the operations of our school district.  Once again, implementing social distancing, quick awareness and safety information in response to emergencies such as COVID 19, pandemic shutdowns, weather closings or other shared information concerning the safety and operations of our district. 

  1. A portion of these funds, if needed, will be used for Technology.  To upgrade existing technology and to purchase new educational technology (including, but not limited to, hardware, software, and connectivity) for students and staff.  Technology that aids in the educational interaction between the students and classroom instructors, distance learning students and their instructors.  Technology for low-income students, children with disabilities which may include assistive technology and/or adaptive equipment, WIFI, hotspots, and any other technology related items to meet the educational needs of our students that have been academically affected by the pandemic.   

  1. A portion of these funds will be used to address the student’s mental health and over all wellness as a result of the effects from the stressful situations they have had to face because of the COVID 19 virus at home and at school.  These funds will provide School Based Student services such as:  Social worker services, student counseling services, student placement assessments, psychological student services, psychometrist assessments from outside professional entities and provisions for staff training in these areas if needed. Physical, Speech, and Occupational therapy for students.   

  1. A portion of these funds, if needed, will be used for school facility repairs, remodeling, expansions, and improvements to enable the operations of our school to reduce the risk of virus transmission and support students safe and healthy needs.  Such as, but not limited to, expanding size of classrooms for social distancing, purchasing more playground equipment to enlarge our playgrounds so that the students have a bigger area to run and play without being crowded on playground equipment and bunched up together for lack of space which in turn will create a safer less stressful set aside time for the needed interaction with fellow playmates.  Ventilation upgrades for health safety, a/c units relaced and repaired, heating units replaced/repaired for healthy indoor air quality for students and staff in preventing breathing issues that may be caused by the virus.  Installing new control systems, fans and other devices needed to provide a healthy safe environment in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

  1. A portion of these funds, if needed, will be used for implementing public health protocols and policies in line with the CDC guidance on Return to Learning.  These funds will be used to cover higher expenditures for sanitizing materials, masks, cleaning supplies, janitorial equipment and such to try to keep classrooms and facilities as germ free as possible and to try to prevent the spreading of the virus.  


August 20, 2023